India-Born Trump Megadonor: Trump is no Racist

One of Donald Trump’s most consistent claims is that he was going to win big with minorities. While he had some ground to make up — no doubt because of the Trump smear campaign lead by the mainstream press — the big money he received helped prove his cause.

CLEVELAND — A Hindu-American industrialist has emerged as one of Donald Trump’s biggest financial backers, saying his support for Trump proves the presumptive GOP presidential nominee is not a racist.

“A lot of people think that Trump is somewhat of a racist,” said Shalabh “Shalli” Kumar, a Chicago-based businessman and Republican donor.

“His partnership with the Republican Hindu Coalition will set that aside.”

India-born Kumar, founder and head of the Republican Hindu Coalition, is one of only a handful of donors in the country to contribute what Trump fundraisers colloquially call the “double max” — the holy grail of campaign fundraising in the 2016 cycle.

Kumar is sending $898,800 to Trump Victory, the joint fundraising arrangement between the Trump campaign, the Republican National Committee and 11 state parties. The Republican Hindu Coalition, as a non-profit entity, is not coordinating with the Trump campaign but is generally supportive of Trump.

This isn’t the first personal account that has dismissed.

Source: The Hill





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