Imam: Cologne Women Had It Coming Because of Their Clothing and Perfume

Speaking on a Russian channel, radical Salafism Imam Sami Abu-Yusuf, blamed the Cologne women for their own sexual assaults, basically claiming the men could not help themselves as the women had it coming.  In this twisted view, perfume and clothing make rape a justifiable action.

Imam Sami Abu-Yusuf’s remarks came during a 12 minute segment bringing Russians up to date with the latest developments in the migrant invasion of Europe. Sandwiched between eyewitness-footage of migrant rampages in Cologne, women being sexually assaulted by apparently Arab gangs, and a segment on a surge of interest in self defense courses in Germany the Imam told the interviewer: “we need to react properly, and not to add fuel to the fire”.

“Reacting properly”, for the Imam, means Sharia law where women should be covered from head to foot, because rape is the fault of the woman.

The tone of the report was telling, expressing no surprise that Muslim mass migration would result in violence and gang-rape. The narrator of the report told viewers that after the events of New Year’s Eve it was becoming difficult to tell who’s country Germany was, one belonging to Muslims or to Germans. Also expressed was the opinion that the sex attacks were no more than a dress rehearsal for something much bigger to come.

The television interview with a former police officer featured in the short also expressed concern about mass migration. The officer remarks that crimes by migrants are not always recorded by the police in Germany, and even when they are they aren’t passed upwards to the government. He tells the interviewer that in his experience immigrants don’t come to Germany for a better life, but come in groups to engage in organized crime.

These statements made by the Imam are a perfect example of a culture that cannot assimilate.  Western women will not be safe if thousands of migrant men, brought up in this mindset that rape is acceptable if the woman is not dressed in a manner of Sharia modesty.

It may be too late for Europe, radical Islam has walked through their open boarders, but is it too late for America?

Source: Breitbart




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