Illegal Mexican Deported 20 Times Rapes 65-Year Old Woman in Sanctuary City

Sergio Jose Martinez, 31, has a long history of criminal activity including burglary and battery. He’s been deported at least 20 times with five probation violations from repeated re-entry.

His most recent deportation occurred in November 2016. The next month, he was back in Portland in the Multnomah County jail, where local police refused to turn him over to Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents.

Six months ago, on December 7, jail officials in Portland had Martinez in custody when they received a request from the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency, asking the jail to notify ICE before his release. Yet the local officials released him the next day in defiance of the federal immigration detainer.”

The release reflects the perverted philosophy of the Multnomah County Sheriff that’s allowed illegal, criminal sex offenders like Martinez to be let go to harm more Portland residents.

Earlier this year, Multnomah County Sheriff Mike Reese told Full Measure with Sharyl Attkisson that turning criminal alien sex offenders over to Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officers damages “community trust.”

It simply worries me that we’ve spent so much time and energy building community trust and something outside of our control may damage that,” the sheriff said.”

Which pretty well sums up the political sickness that infects the so-called “Rose City.” To the progressives in charge, “community trust” is more important than keeping local women from being accosted and raped.

So much for gaining the trust of longtime residents and law-abiding citizens.

Just another sterling example of how leaders in sanctuary cities are turning their jurisdictions into virtual hellholes unfit for human habitation.

The horrific details of Martinez’s rape include his using scarves and socks to tie up and gag his victim, then slamming her head into the wooden floor and punching her.

After raping her, he stole her phone, credit cards and car. When attempting to assault another woman in a nearby parking garage, police responded to a bystander’s call for help and arrested him.

Martinez has been charged with “two counts of unauthorized use of a motor vehicle, two counts of second-degree assault, one count of kidnapping, two counts of burglary, two counts of robbery, three counts of first-degree sexual abuse, and one count of first-degree sodomy.”

Bail has been set at $2.36 million.

These types of incidents, which are proliferating in sanctuary cities, have led Attorney General Jeff Sessions to lead a strong federal crackdown that may include denying federal grants to police departments in sanctuary cities.

Some 300 jurisdictions in this country refuse to cooperate with federal immigration authorities regarding illegal aliens who commit crimes — even MS-13 gang members,” Session stated. “These jurisdictions are protecting criminals rather than their law-abiding residents.”

Texas Governor Greg Abbott has taken the national lead on sanctuary city crackdowns by signing the nation’s toughest anti-sanctuary city law into effect on May 7. It requires local jurisdictions to cooperate with ICE and honor ICE immigration detainers until agents can pick up those held.

All law enforcement officers are going to be required to follow this law,” the governor stated. “If they refuse to follow this law, or if they adopt sanctuary city policies, they are subject now to the stiffest penalties in America for adopting sanctuary city policies – which includes jail time where sheriffs could wind up in the same jail they may be releasing inmates from who are the subject of ICE detainer requests.”

The Trump administration’s aggressive policies on immigration are winning broad public support and making those who run sanctuary cities true villains to law-abiding Americans.

Update, ICE was not even alerted to his release:

Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) lodged an immigration detainer against Martinez, asking authorities to notify them before releasing Martinez to allow ICE to take him into custody. The Department of Homeland Security said a detainer was requested for Martinez in December 2016, but he was released into the community and authorities did not notify ICE.

Source: Breitbart, The Daily Mail, KGW




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