Illegal Immigrant Sues Over Injuries Obtained Working Illegally

Illegal Immigrant Sues Over Injuries Obtained Working Illegally

When it comes to being generous with other people's money, Barack Obama has no equal. There are millions of illegal aliens in the U.S. who, it is said, are “hiding in the shadows.” In my part of California they are hiding in plain sight, and in fact are the majority population in some cities. In addition, if by hiding Obama means demanding free public services and benefits like health care and free schooling, I guess he is right.

Obama will claim that many of these illegal aliens pay taxes, and so are entitled to services. But the fact is that low income earners receive a tax rebate called an earned income rebate, depending on how many family members are in the home.

Latin American families here illegally often have many more children than the average U.S. household, and so receive money back from the government, even if they do not earn enough to pay federal income tax. Add to that the average cost to educate a child in California, now standing at $14,500 per year, per child, and it is clear that illegal immigrants are a huge drain on the economy, even if they do pay a small amount in taxes.

But Obama is ignoring enforcement of immigration laws, advising border patrol to cease efforts to track and bring illegals to hearings, and he seems intent on opening our borders and providing amnesty and citizenship to all who are here or who want to come.

One reason is very obvious, he is creating a huge wave of beholden new citizens who will be Democrat voters for life. The fact that Obama is ignoring immigration laws and enforcement is creating another problem as well. Far from hiding in the shadows, the illegal immigrants are feeling entitled and demanding rights and benefits that can only reasonably be offered to citizens of this country.

Instead, there is the perception among illegals that they can demand all manner of benefits with zero concern that they will be denied, or more appropriately, returned to their home country. One example should suffice to make the case that Obama's open border policy has distorted the perception of those who are here illegally.

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