Illegal Aliens Paying $14,000 Per Person To Fly Into US

Report of last month'seizure:

Human smugglers using airplanes to fly illegal aliens out of border cities is not an uncommon practice. A similar situation took place in the border city of Harlingen last year, as Breitbart Texas previously reported.

In that situation, the pilot of a small Mexican airplane, an alleged accomplice, and four illegal immigrants prepared to fly out to San Marcos. That city is located north of the U.S. Border Patrol checkpoints along the main highways leaving the Rio Grande Valley.

Carolos Franco Montoya and Hever Marin Castillo both pleaded guilty in that case to the charge and have since been sentenced to prison. Montoya, the pilot, was sentenced to 18 months in prison. Marin, his accomplice, was sentenced to 13 months in prison. Both face deportation after completing their sentences.

The illegal immigrants in that case had each paid, or were to pay, $14,000 to go from Mexico to Houston.

Speculation is drug cartel's may be flying workers into the US for purposes of setting up business.  Makes sense, most illegal aliens do not have 14,000 per person to make a plane trip.  If this is the case, that the cartels are going to the airwaves to fly felons into the US, border patrol agents aren't equipped to even handle the land portion–just imagine trying to track these private planes with any efficiency?

Source: Breitbart



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