Hypocrisy Alert: Union Bosses Banking off Member’s Union Dues

While the Democrats and socialists are constantly bashing free enterprise for the high salaries of those at the top of corporations they ignore the same type of wealth disparity in unions.  And I'm sure that has nothing to do with the fact that the unions constantly line Democrats' pockets with bribes donations.

The Daily Caller analyzes the data released by the Department of Labor:

Watchdog.org released a list of the highest paid union leaders and found, excluding professional sports unions, 448 employees of labor unions were paid more than a quarter of a million dollars in 2015.

Beyond that 448 number, 200 received more than $300,000, 56 earned more than $400,000, and 19 got more than half a million in compensation.

It would appear that liberal hypocrisy is alive and well, and it goes something like this:  If you are a private enterprise whose CEO makes a high salary you are evil and do not care about the workers under you.  If you are a union boss, it's okay to make all the money you want while your workers are some of the poorest in the country.  To see a list of the 100 highest paid union officials check out The Daily Caller‘s article below.

Source: The Daily Caller

Photo: TCF

A list of some of the highest paid bosses:

union bosses

union bosses 2




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