Hunter S. Thompson Exposes the Dark World of Snuff Films and Global Pedophile Rings

I was there, I was where, from whom which does this come from? The man. Who? Yes, the man accused of making a film depicting pedophilia and the actual murder of someone. A snuff film? Where? I wasn’t there, I was there, from whom does this come? Why are you telling me? That there are those claiming Hunter Thompson was a pedophile-bestialize who made snuff films. Where is the proof? I should know should I not? I was there, I was where? Yes, you see how we are finally getting somewhere. The man I knew is not the man that was there. How can this be explained? You shall see, you shall see. The gonzo doesn’t lie. It only enlights. He is guilty of what they say he is. But, why should you not to go there? Where?  I shall tell I shall tell on the following page.

To understand this story, one must understand the man, a man who choose to participate in the creation of snuff films, and I should know I was there but where is there?

Have you ever heard of Gonzo journalism? Is it truth or lies and is it still alive today?

Continue to the following page to learn about the dark world of snuff films, human sacrifice, bestiality, and pedophilia embedded among the world of the globalist elite as revealed by American journalist Hunter S. Thompson.


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