Hunter S. Thompson Exposes the Dark World of Snuff Films and Global Pedophile Rings

The man. His name was Hunter, a Mr. Hunter Thompson to me that is. He spoke, quite gleefully I might add of a certain darkness.

Objective? What is objectivity? Can one see if they’ve yet to feel?

Hunter S. Thompson was a journalist, author, and acclaimed founder of gonzo journalism— a style of journalism where reporters eschew the traditional “objective” journalism, but directly participate in the action to such a degree that they become central figures of their stories. The author of “new journalism” books, such as the 1971 Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas that was made into a movie, Thompson was known for his firearms, alcohol and illegal drugs. He became a counterculture cult figure, hobnobbing with Hollywood stars like Johnny Depp and John Cusack, and fawned on by late-night TV talk show hosts like David Letterman.

Did you see this? Did he do that?

No, I did not see that, I did not do that.

The man. He had his demons. The drugs. The tortured mind. But, was he to do. What was I to do? This is what the people are saying. Do men know that for everything there is a price? How else would the truth be told? Could this have been spoken without the implied hyperbole in every breathe?

I know he really did it.  He wasn’t a part of our world, he was a part of theirs. He told for kicks and giggles. That was his truth. Because it was the truth.

These 3 things I know as fact. He spoke of it in his book.

Do you know how I know he did it? He couldn’t tell the truth. Not tell the truth you ask? No righteous storyteller would’ve lived to tell this tale. You know that right? Yes, all of you looking down in disdain for your lofty perches. The truth is too dirty for most.

That is what they said. That is what they taught us. Look inward. But, only if a mirror.

But, enough talk of pedophilia. Bestiality shall surely be something of a palette cleanser.

Bestiality is another aspect of the lifestyle, because it is felt to be a victimless crime in Palm Beach, even though it is technically against the law. This is where the title [of Thompson’s article, ‘A Dog Took M Place,’] comes from. First, HST meets a woman whose friend makes $50,000 a year (tax-free) to screw dogs for rich people; then HST meets a bartender who feels like a ‘beast’. He tells HST, ‘I see those s–t-eating grins on their faces and I feel like a dog took my place.’ This leads back to the final ending where HST decides that it is better to get involved with animals than people, ‘because they will never call the police on you or take you in front of a judge or run off and hide with your money…. Animals don’t hire lawyers’ (Thompson, 1990, p. 206).”

I was convinced. That was all I needed. What a brilliant man. Animals don’t hire lawyers. If he spoke the truth on that he must also be guilty of the killings. Hunter never exaggerated the underlying truths. I’ve heard from various sources, that this man I knew, Hunter, had never heard of hyperbole either.

One of the boys has a lot more to say on the pedophilia claims. He was a victim. One who claims to have known the Hunter himself.

The video on the next page includes testimony that reveals a side of Hunter Thompson even darker than his already depraved public persona. 

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