Hungarian PM: EU, George Soros are Siding With Terrorists

In addition to taking the EU to task over its stance on the convicted asylum seeker, Orban bridled at the EU threatening to impose sanctions on Hungary for not taking redistributed migrants from Greece and Italy.

Orban stressed that Hungarians would not be “blackmailed” by Brussels.

We want a Hungarian Hungary and a European Europe. The European Union is not Brussels,” he added, and would not submit to the idea that “our future is determined in Moscow, Brussels or Washington. As long as I am the Prime Minister of Hungary and stand here, so will the border fence on the southern border.”

He turned his attention away from accusing Brussels of siding with terrorists to take on left-wing open borders advocate George Soros. Soros has created a network of progressive non-governmental organizations (NGOs) to push mass migration throughout Europe.

In a speech last April, Orban accused Soros of “ruining” the lives of millions of Europeans.

George Soros is spending endless amounts of money to support illegal immigration. I believe that George Soros must not be underestimated: he is a powerful billionaire of enormous determination who, when it comes to his interests, respects neither God nor man.”

The Hungarian government has taken a strong stand against NGOs, demanding they be transparent about where their money comes from and how they intend to spend it. Orban has taken on the Soros-sponsored groups and insisted they come clean on their intentions.

We must fight these battles. We must argue against them. We must make their operations transparent, and we must make clear that often it’s not about the principles of human rights, but about greed and the migrant business.”

With his strong defense of Hungarian sovereignty and willingness to take on the globalist cabal operating throughout the Western world, Orban has earned the admiration of freedom lovers worldwide.

Source: Breitbart



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