Hungarian Gov Defies George Soros, Steps Up Fight

Hungarian Gov Defies George Soros, Steps Up Fight

The infamously alleged mafia connection linking Carlos Marcello to the assassination of JFK is not just a conspiracy in Hungary.

Hungarian government officials have one goal right now. And that is to not end up dead like JFK in a modern day continuation of that infamous chain of events in U.S. history.

Except for Carlos Marcello is no George Soros and the threat only 100x increased. We all know whether we’re conspirators or not that the mafia had ties to the political elites or the Deep State back in the 60s. Just like the modern day mafia pulling the strings behind the curtains in Hungry and around the globe today are NGOs such as the Open Society Foundation to name just one of many.

Soros has a mission. And for anyone who follows politics, it is not hard to imagine what that vision is. He wants to make Europe a Muslim continent. Now part of that vision is understandable economically speaking. Historical trajectories show with alarming statistical accuracy that a civilization’s culture and the economy collapses when fertility rates drop below 2.11 children per family. Europe is already well below that mark. With Germany having the lowest birth rates in the world.

This is one-half of the key to understanding why Soros is bullying the Hungarian government to get on board with his goal of bringing 1 million Muslim migrants into Europe every year. This also explains in part why German Chancellor Angela Merkel came out recently NOT to address the soaring crime rates but rather to reiterate that she will continue to refuse to put a cap on refugees. And yes the irony that the majority of these people are already entering the country caped and veiled is intended.

But, the other half of the key to understanding Soros, the modern day mafia, and Hungary’s fight against the liberal agenda is far more complicated and chilling. More on the next page

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