House Democrats Pushing Russia-Collusion to Distract Away From “Unmasking” Scandal

House Democrats Pushing Russia-Collusion to Distract Away From “Unmasking” Scandal

Between citizen Obama's Department of Shadowy Endeavors (DSE) and the House Democrats supported by the generous donations of George Soros, it appears that President Trump has been a bit too effective at governing the nation.  What else can explain the sudden feeding frenzy surrounding Trump and the science fiction wrapped up in a Russian-hacking of the elections.

It's all so ludicrous that the possibility of the Democrats ever recovering from their maniacal calls for impeachment and shrieks of “The Russians are coming!” is likely to be unattainable.  There are literally millions of illicit dollars mixed up in these multitude of investigations that threaten the ACTUAL national security of this nation.  With all the distractions being put forward by these frivolous examinations of fantasy and innuendo, without a scintilla of evidentiary support, mind you, there is, in the words of Dennis Kucinich, a “clear and present danger” of deep state interference that prevents us from being kept safe from enemies foreign and domestic.

The House Democrats (without a peep from the Republican Establishmentariat, by the way) have stepped up their attacks on President Trump and doubled down on the factually incomplete rhetoric in an effort to slow the Commander-in-Chief down in his momentum that he has been building since his trip abroad.

The DSE has been busy affording the willing accomplices in the press all the leaked information they can handle in this effort and Trump's lead counsel has been running to and fro putting out fires while spokesman Spicer has been handing off questions to the same.  It's sloppy and disjointed, but completely understandable considering that the attacks on Trump have come from every conceivable direction, including from the ex-president himself.  Citizen Obama is doing his best both here and abroad to please his master, George Soros.

The House Democrats now have completely gone all in with their chips in the hopes of nailing President Trump to the wall, even at the cost of their own political careers.

Phase Two in their plan to “destroy the presidency, even if the nation follows,” has been initiated.  Read the details on the next page.

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