House Committee Investigates New Allegations in Iran Nuclear/Prisoner Swap Deal

House Committee Investigates New Allegations in Iran Nuclear/Prisoner Swap Deal

Thought you knew everything there was to know about the fly-by-night Obama administration Iranian Nuclear/Prisoner Swap Deal, didn't you?  Two representatives and 13 senators believe that a new report from Politico indicates that the Obama administration, the State Department and the Department of Justice were all complicit in a massive deception in order to force through the Iran Nuclear deal.

They used to be called the Sins of Omission; those actions not revealed which were more damning to one's reputation.  The Obama administration was apparently swimming in the Sins because they believed the American people clever enough to have figured out the insidiousness of the Iran Nuclear contract and would not have approved of it.  Not that the former president would have allowed a simple thing like unpopularity of his policies change his mind.  He demonstrated on too many occasions that what was good for the American people was not important and what was unpopular was (apparently) politically attractive to Obama and his cronies.

When the Politico story broke, it set off a firestorm of startling revelations that became the cornerstone of a new effort by lawmakers both in the House of Representatives and the Senate to get to the bottom of the intimation by Politico that the Obama administration, in cooperation with the DOJ and the State Department, undermined a counter-proliferation policy by the United States to deter Iran from achieving the production of nuclear weapons.  Additionally, it is abundantly apparent that Obama officials pushed a false narrative about the prisoner swap that was both deceiving and terrifying all at once in its implications to national security.

As Representatives Jason Chaffetz (R-UT) and Ron DeSantis (R-FL) understood the information coming out of the Politico report, the Obama administration pushed efforts to purposefully suppress intelligence that the Iran Nuclear deal was not about giving expanded capabilities to Iran to produce nuclear-ready weaponry (as many on the Right charged at the time) but only about them being given the opportunity to create and build nuclear facilities for power and energy in the impoverished nation.

It has become abundantly clear that something sinister has been perpetrated on a United States national security level that threatens to be the catalyst for a successful future attack on America by Iran.  The information contained in this latest report is astounding.

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