Holistic Doctor, Entire Family Murdered, Death Count Up to 77 in Two Years

There is an odd phenomenon happening throughout the country involving holistic doctors. It has gotten so bad one is hard-pressed to imagine any holistic doctor feeling comfortable starting a family these days.

Literally every year an entire holistic family is getting murdered. Not to mention the other 77 holistic practitioners found dead since June of 2015.

Last year Truth and Action reported:

Dr. Weidong Henry Han, his wife, Huijie Yu, and their daughter, Emily Han, were found dead in March of 2016 from gunshot wounds. This death, unfortunately, is only one of many that have plagued holistic doctors for the past few years.

Now another ENTIRE family of a holistic practitioner has been murdered. Many details match up with the previous family murder. Skeptics say this is just a coincidence, however.

Murdered holistic doctor Annie Fairbanks, 39, sure seemed to have a lot of things going for her. But maybe, just maybe, there was more going on behind the scenes at home than she let on to most folks.

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