Hole In Hillary’s Tongue Prompts Hashtag, Speculation On Twitter

While some have taken the opportunity poke fun at Hillary for having such a strange physical feature, the fact is that it could easily be a sign of a serious illness. On top of the former Secretary of State's previous outbursts of debilitating coughing, it looks like she is in no position to be President of the United States:




Oral lesions and red tipped gums can be a serious manifestation of systemic disease relating to immune system.

Hmmm…….. I wonder why isn't trending…. want to speak on that?

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Hillary Clinton has tongue cancer?

That hole in is where all the truth falls through

really should be trending, its too funny not to

raises even more questions about | Seriously what is that!? gross

Hillary's Health – email said “she's often confused.” – frequent naps – caught on video having seizures – chronic cough –

Source: Twitter

Photo: Philly.com



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