Hole In Hillary’s Tongue Prompts Hashtag, Speculation On Twitter

Hole In Hillary’s Tongue Prompts Hashtag, Speculation On Twitter

Hillary Clinton has enough baggage as it is, but a recent discovery that may give us a peek into her state of health suggests that she – and us – will have much bigger problems than telling the truth if she becomes president.

Over the years, political observers have noticed several concerning behaviors and characteristics on Hillary's part: coughing just a little too often and way too loudly, engaging in shaking activity that some view as resembleing a seizure, and being described by colleagues as “often confused”. This has led many to wonder if the trials of office are getting to her and excaberating any medical conditions she might have.

But a photo taken at the DNC casts a truly disturbing shadow over such speculation. As numerous users posting in the Twitter hashtag #HillarysTongue have noticed, there appears to be a hole in the middle of her tongue. This mark, as many have pointed out, may be a sign of cancer, meaning that the Democrats have nominated someone whose health may be at major risk throughout her presidency.

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