Hillary’s Payroll Includes Violent Protestors

Hillary’s Payroll Includes Violent Protestors

Hillary Clinton may see herself in a competition to become the first woman president in US history, but she's also competing to run the most corrupt presidential campaign in recent memory, if not in US history.  Hillary supporters would no doubt deny that claim, and might even point to Nixon's 1972 campaign that brought us the Watergate scandal as more corrupt.

To make a definitive comparison and judgment one would need to know all the corrupt acts committed by various presidential campaigns, something that's impossible.  And some of the more obnoxious acts such as hiring operatives to disrupt Trump rallies have been funded by her allies, such as the notorious George Soros.

All that said, Hillary's campaign has racked up enough corruption that she should be out of the race and in court defending against criminal charges along with her operatives.

As James O'Keefe of Project Veritas has revealed in his videos and reports, there are any number of crimes that Hillary and her staff members could and should be charged with.  Details of a small sample of her corrupt activities are found on page two.

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