George Soros Hiring Protesters to Disrupt Trump Rallys

George Soros Hiring Protesters to Disrupt Trump Rallys

George Soros, the NWO hedge fund billionaire, is blatantly raining down millions of dollars on countless liberal organizations in the United States to hijack your freedom of choice with his Open Society Foundations.

One of the Soros octopi’s tentacles is the, the liberal activist behind the Behemoth, that grew from Soros’ $1.46 million donation, as a means to protect Bill Clinton, during the Monica Lewinski impeachment hearing. is now a full-blown army of the deluded, violent and misinformed. writes, “ closed its 527 committee in 2008. It now operates a federal political action committee, which must disclose its donors and cannot accept more than $5,000 from any single source. PAC raised and spent $38 million in 2008.  It had spent $21 million during the 2010 campaign cycle, as of August.  The PAC fund Internet and TV ads, raises money for liberal candidates and causes and finances grassroots campaigns.”

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