Hillary’s New and Less Improved Email Excuse

Dear Big Dollar Donors,

“Had Secretary Clinton known of any concerns about her email setup at the time, she would have taken steps to address them. She believed she was following the practices of other Secretaries and senior officials.”

Foolishly Yours,  John Podesta

In the memo, Podesta wrote that Clinton’s use of the server was “a mistake,” something that the former secretary of state has acknowledged as well.

But the campaign official’s new claim that the email setup was in keeping with her predecessors — Colin Powell and Condoleezza Rice — highlights Clinton’s shifting explanations about the system .

Caught again with her pants down, this time by the State Department's inspector general, Hillary's campaign is scrambling to come up with a credible excuse for violating agency policy as “secretary of state by using an off-the-books email system, which consisted of a personal email account and home-brew server.”

Clinton did not inform State Department officials about the system, though the watchdog’s report said she had an “obligation” to do so. She also failed to follow State Department policy by failing to tell State Department information security officials about two attempted hacking attempts on the server, which was managed in secret by State Department information technology specialist Bryan Pagliano.

Clinton has pointed her fingers at others, like Colin Powell who used a personal email account while in office.  She has pointed to her husband saying, that she used the same server that was “used in his office and she used only one non-government email account — which was routed through her personal BlackBerry — “for convenience.”

Neither she nor her campaign has claimed, until Podesta’s letter, that she thought that her email setup was carrying on in the tradition of her predecessors.

This is a new excuse, “that she thought that her email setup was carrying on in the tradition of her predecessors” and just adds the millstone weight of evidence against her.

She has also never suggested that she reached out to Powell or Rice to find out about their email arrangements. Had she done so, she likely would have learned that neither of them used a private email server.

Hillary's campaign must be seeing a drop in contributions, or why else would Podesta send a memo to calm the nerves of the big-money donors?

Source: Daily Caller








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