Hillary: The VA Problems Aren’t That Bad

From a report on Clinton’s interview:

Hillary Clinton brushed off the complaints voiced by many veterans over the Department of Veterans Affairs’ backlog and health care scandal when she said on Friday that the problems plaguing the agency are not as “widespread” as they have been made out to be by Republicans, who the Democratic presidential candidate said are pushing the issue in pursuit of an “ideological agenda.”

Clinton was asked about the VA’s backlog issues during an interview with MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow. The host pointed out that many Republicans have pushed the idea of privatizing the VA. She said that the proposal resonates because the problems with the VA system appear intractable and “can’t get fixed fast enough.”

Facts on the VA:

An audit conducted last year found that 57,000 veterans had waited more than 90 days for their scheduled appointments. And approximately 70 percent of VA facilities maintained off-the-books waiting lists for patients.

There is a real issue with the VA.  A 90 day wait time could mean life or death for a Vet.  Cancer is not something that can wait 90 days.  The psychiatric issues that have plagued many of our Vets cannot wait 90 days.   Suicide ideology,  post traumatic stress and depression are illnesses that need immediate attention.

Supplies run out on a regular basis.  On the medical and surgical floors at VA hospitals, nurses look in vain for basic supplies, clean sheets, bandages, syringes and even medications are not always readily available.

And, as we all know, many veterans die in want of an appointment, mainly due to the corruption of supervisors trying to obtain bonuses.

Source: Daily Caller



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