Hillary Suffers Two More Violent Coughing Fits

Hillary Suffers Two More Violent Coughing Fits

The Democrat candidate has been campaigning while under FBI investigations and the persistent threat of indictment for a variety of alleged offenses. At best, she was incredibly reckless in handling highly classified documents, and engaged in some very suspicious transactions with regard to the Clinton Foundation while secretary of state.  At worst, her actions represent a series of serious criminal offenses for which she remains free.

The question is rightly asked, “Is Hillary the best the Democrats can do?”

Of course she isn't.  It just so happens that the Clinton political machine and some “well-lubricated” connections are enough to overpower or intimidate any competitor from her own party. Well, except for Bernie, who is technically an independent, and who finally cashed in his chips and threw his support behind Mrs. Clinton, much to the dismay of his supporters.

If her perpetual legal problems aren't enough, we have Hillary's questionable health, complete with falls, a concussion, blood clots, prism glasses, odd behaviors that look like seizures, and the coughing fits that we've examined before.

What is going on with this woman?

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