Hillary Say Her and Team ‘Had A Great Time’ After Benghazi Testimony

Hillary Say Her and Team ‘Had A Great Time’ After Benghazi Testimony

Hillary Clinton is taking a victory lap, and having a victory party.  Clinton, who testified before the Benghazi committee last week, was overjoyed with the main stream media's reporting that she came out “unscathed”.  The main stream media is reporting based on emotion, reporting “Hillary was presidential”, “unwavering”, “in control” and the worst yet “she just won the presidency”.

Crazy.  Clinton's emails finally cleared up the whole video excuse was a lie.  Her emails detailed her knowledge that absolutely she knew that it was a pre-planned attack, as she emailed her family the night of the attack, stating a terrorist group like Al-queda just attacked and killed four Americans in Benghazi.  Worse was her correspondence with Sidney Blumenthal, a Clinton supporter who works for the Clinton Foundation making 10,000 a month.  Blumenthal was giving Hillary direct orders on how to tout the “Clinton Doctrine” after the fall of Gaddaffi in Libya.

Volumes of emails went between the two, Clinton and Blumenthal, with Blumenthal giving Hillary advice on how to handle Libya, giving her details of his business holdings in Libya, and ultimately instructing her how the Clinton Doctrine in Libya would be her shining achievement, something she needed to promote.  It would give her needed credentials to run for President.  Something to think about-this Clinton Doctrine- when you put the dots together as why Benghazi could not be a planned terrorist attack.

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