Hillary: We Need To Confiscate Guns, à la Australia and the UK

From a report on Hillary’s gun control history:

As you probably already know, secretary Clinton campaigned for president once before in 2008. Naturally throughout Secretary Clinton’s campaign against then Senator Obama the topic of gun control came up. In a debate leading up to the Nevada caucus, Hillary Clinton stated her 180 on creating a national gun registry by saying “I don’t want the federal government preempting states and cities like New York that have very specific problems.”  

Before declaring her presidential candidacy, Clinton advocated a federal firearm registry.

Throughout the campaign she discussed her relationship with guns growing up and how guns were a part of American culture, learning how to shoot, and how hunting and shooting were a way of life in America. In a 2008 debate on the eve of the Philadelphia primary Clinton was asked about the DC handgun ban. She invoked local and state law in opposition of federal legislation “We have one set of rules in NYC and a totally different set of rules in the rest of the state. What might work in NYC is certainly not going to work in Montana. So, for the federal government to be having any kind of blanket rules that they’re going to try to impose, I think doesn’t make sense.”


From 2008, Hillary has thrown out any moderate views about any hot button issue.  She has completely abandoned any views she held in 2008, as she is scratching and clawing for the nomination.  Hillary would endorse communism and tweet Chairman Mao was “the man” if it meant gaining support and money.

This woman cannot be the first female president.  She would deny women votes if that got her elected.  Hillary is a blight on womanhood, and her character is the point.  She has no character.  People can respect others who may hold opposite views, if they are genuine.  We may not like their views, but as Americans we can at least say “this person really believes in what they are saying”.  We can have honest debate.  With Hillary there is no honest debate-her views change with each focus group.

Shame on those Democratic women who are following this phony.  Get a real woman candidate.

Source: Daily Kos



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