Hillary Lies About Her Whereabouts on 9/11

Not only was she not in New York, there’s a story published by Politico about exactly what she did that day and how she reacted when she heard the news. Clinton did go to New York, but not until the following the day.

She had CNN on as she talked on the phone with her legislative director when the first plane hit. Then the second. By the time she got to the Capitol, the Pentagon had been hit by a third plane. Capitol police were evacuating Senate office buildings. She dialed her daughter, who was in New York. She dialed her husband, who was in Australia. She and other senators received a briefing at the Capitol police station early in the evening. And after “a day indelibly etched in my mind,” and as nightfall approached, Clinton joined congressional colleagues on the steps of the Capitol, standing next to some of her fiercest political opponents, singing “God Bless America” with tears in her eyes.

Her statements came as she was opening old wounds revolving around the Pulse night club in Florida. She claimed that she was in New York on 9/11 and that she would defeat ISIS and protect America. Does that include from herself? Let’s hope she doesn’t get the opportunity.

Source: dailycaller.com



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