Hillary Laughs As Unhinged Supporter Says He Wants To ‘Strangle’ Carly Fiorina

The media's double standards and the unhinged nature of contemporary Democrats were both blatantly on display this past Tuesday. At a New Hampshire town hall event, Hillary Clinton listened intently as a male supporter stepped up to ask the candidate a question only to go on a tangent about his desire to throttle Republican rival Carly Fiorina.

“Every time I see her on TV, I want to reach through and strangle her,” the man, who claimed to have worked at Hewlett-Packard when Fiorina was still running the company, confided to Clinton.

How did Clinton react to this disturbing confession from one of her supporters? She laughed. And she didn't just laugh, she gleefully responded, “I wouldn't mess with you.”

Yes, Clinton was clearly joking, but let's not kid ourselves: if a Republican reacted or said something even remotely similar to what Clinton did, we would never ever the hear the end of it.

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