Hillary Inspired Resistance Army Through Secret Initiative

One of the only special things about the Clinton Presidential Library is that there is a very broad and revealing paper trail of evidence that allows modern-day sleuth journalists to piece together puzzling aspects of the Clinton era and make sense out of the dizzying rationale for much of their Leftist ideology.

In a new revelation, the Washington Free Beacon has uncovered the origins of a secret program conceived and initiated by the former First Lady Hillary Clinton. The program, called the Talk Radio Initiative (TRI) was designed precisely to combat the growing tide of conservative-themed talk radio shows that were growing exponentially on the airwaves and which, according to many high-ranking Republicans at the time, were personally responsible for the GOP victories in Congress.

The Washington Free Beacon:

The Democratic party developed an elaborate, multi-year operation in the 1990s that deployed thousands of activists to covertly mold public opinion using talk radio, according to documents from the Clinton Presidential Library.

The Democratic National Committee (DNC), with the blessing of the Clinton White House, launched the Talk Radio Initiative (TRI) ahead of the 1996 campaign. The program trained thousands of operatives to call in to radio shows, conduct surveillance of their contents, and secretly disseminate Democratic talking points while posing as ordinary listeners.

“Volunteers must be able to keep the project confidential so as not to create the image of a ‘Democratic conspiracy’ to infiltrate Detroit area talk radio shows,” a 1995 TRI guide prepared by Michigan Democrats said.

“Democratic performance in the 1996 elections will no doubt be affected by the success or failure of this initiative.”

Radio show hosts long suspected that someone was training so-called “seminar callers” to inundate their shows with sympathetic callers.

The Democrats did publicize some aspects of this secret program while it was running, praising the initiative as their first step in bringing back “truth” to radio. However, the inner workings of the TRI were kept secret for decades.

The reasons for keeping this secret were abundantly clear. One of the chief bludgeons used by the Left to help make way for Progressive ideals is deception. In order to provide a clear path to victory, Democrats oftentimes “pose” as Independents or even Republicans. The irony for this move, however, appears to escape them. Their pitch is always the same: “The Democrat Party is supported by the majority of the American people because we care and we are sympathetic to your plight.” Yet, in order to get your vote, they pretend to be anything other than Democrats. That’s interesting.

Hillary Clinton was personally responsible for this Talk Radio Initiative. We know this because the man who oversaw its training camps, Jon-Christopher Bua (an acting-coach-turned-DNC staffer) admitted so.

Bua credited then-first lady Hillary Clinton with coming up with the initiative, while he was hosting a TRI seminar for feminists at the 1996 convention, according to a National Review dispatch.

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