Hillary Inspired Resistance Army Through Secret Initiative

Could Hillary Clinton be personally responsible for the modern rise of Antifa and the Resistance movement? A new in-depth study of Clinton Presidential Library documents reveals that Hillary launched a clandestine program called the Talk Radio Initiative (TRI) while Bill was president.

The TRI was initiated directly after the shellacking that President Clinton took when he lost the House of Representatives to the Republicans through the leadership of Speaker Newt Gingrich, the famous “Contract With America,” the Conservative Revolution, and most importantly, highly influential talk radio show host, Rush Limbaugh.

The loss of that Congressional chamber was so egregious to Hillary that she even famously quipped in 1998 on a Today Show interview, when referencing all the many charges of scandals against herself and her husband, that it was all part of some “vast Right-wing conspiracy.”

Turn to the next page to learn about the TRI and how Hillary’s brainchild was used to not only disrupt Right-wing talk radio dominance on the airwaves, but also to begin the training of a far-Left Resistance Army whose only mission was to halt the success of the conservative movement and shut down any dissenting opinion to Progressivism!



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