Hillary: I Didn’t Lie To The Benghazi Families, It Was The ‘Fog of War’

Hillary: I Didn’t Lie To The Benghazi Families, It Was The ‘Fog of War’

The presidential front runner for the Democrat Party in 2016 continues to be Hillary Clinton. It is astonishing to see the Democrat Party line up behind her, even while it should be plainly obvious that she is a blatant liar and a heartless, crass political manipulator who will lie to their faces without a whisp of conscience bothering her.

They should have known when she viciously destroyed the reputations and careers of multiple women accusing husband Bill Clinton of rape that she was without morals or common decency. And the Democrat constituency also knew Bill was guilty, but they didn't care, because, doggonit, they just liked the guy!

The nation has heard her dance around the fact that she clearly broke the law when she kept email communication while she was serving as Secretary of State on a private server. She insisted that she turned over all emails related to her government work, and that there were certainly no classified documents that were transmitted on the private server.

EVERYONE knows she was lying, and that the purpose of the private server was to be able to lie and to hide the lie, but when over 1,000 classified documents were shown to have been stored on the personal equipment, the Left insisted it was no big deal.

Clinton has one story after the other to tell about why she is not really lying, hiding, misleading or cheating. And the Left buys it because she is an attack dog that they think can win the presidency, in spite of being a corrupt, dishonest, self serving scoundrel. In Hillary's case, the Left does not like her, but they want the power that her presidency will bring, no matter what the cost. Her bald-face lying was on display again this Sunday on ABC's “This Week.”

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