Hillary Clinton’s Advisor a Fan of Venezuela Economics

Hillary Clinton’s Advisor a Fan of Venezuela Economics

The horrors of socialism are playing out for all the world to see in Venezuela, yet Bern-outs and Hillary supporters are screaming for it in America, ignoring reality and believing the fairytale read to them in American universities.

These deluded leftists ignore the food shortages, the hyperinflation, and the rationing of electricity that has infected all of Venezuela and they close their eyes to dying children in the hospitals due to lack of basic supplies and medicine.

With one of the largest oil reserves in the world, this country could be a mecca for prosperity for its people, yet the people perish because of  the economic policies of Nicolas Maduro and his predecessor, Hugo Chavez.

Truth and Action reminds the reader that, “In the early 1990’s, Venezuela was a beautiful country, with lovely beaches, modern cities, pretty girls, and a modern, European feel. That is all gone now, as most people struggle simply to survive and to find basics like toilet paper and medicine. The socialist leadership is determined to continue, even though it is destroying the country.”

The current government of Venezuela controls the courts, the military, the electoral authority, the media, and many of the large businesses. They maintain control by dishonesty, manipulation, and finally, by force. That is the typical way with socialism, which begins with happy tales of equality and plenty for everyone. It ends with economies like North Korea and Cuba, and now with Venezuela, in spite of the gift they have of natural resources. The professors espousing the wonders of the failed economic system of socialism should spend some time in Venezuela. Perhaps they would see that the fruits of such a system are poverty, misery, shortages, and lawlessness. They would learn that Karl Marx was nothing more than a con man.

This is the ultimate reality of socialism carried out and the Bern-outs of this time in history are so deluded they seek to implement it here if they could.   These ideas are not mere ignorance by stupid co-eds, but also the rantings of a 2001 Nobel Prize winner for economics, an advisor to Hillary Clinton.  Read more about his thoughts on Venezuela on the next page.

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