Hillary Clinton’s Advisor a Fan of Venezuela Economics

Once a place of beauty and prosperity, Venezuela has deteriorated into a hell-hole, a place of starvation and death and no longer a paradise destination for the rest of the world.  Yet

Yet with babies dying in Venezuela hospitals and children starving to death due to the economic failings of Hugo Chavez and Nicolás Maduro, the leftists in this country are promoting the same socialist system on the campaign trail.

Socialism is lauded in United States universities as the answer to economic inequality that will create a workers paradise. Truth and Action points out that Bernie Sanders is also promising to tax the millionaires and the billionaires to make them share their wealth and pay much higher taxes so that poverty will be eliminated. No one can point to an example where socialism has improved an economy or actually worked. Examples where it has failed are abundant and tragic. The usual result of a socialist takeover is the destruction of business, a contraction in the economy, the impoverishment of the majority of the people, and the rise and enrichment of a ruling elite. And yet our university professors cannot seem to see and understand the damage that socialism inevitably brings.

Socialist presidential candidates, university professors, high school economic and history teachers all delude their sheep, teaching theory as fact and revising history to prove that socialism is the utopia that America needs.

While it is not surprising to see these policies supported by Marxist politicians, what is deeply troubling is the amount of support the Venezuelan model has received from prominent economists over the years. During a visit in 2007, Joseph Stiglitz, who received the 2001 Nobel Prize in economics, praised what he called “positive policies” of the Chavez administration:

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez appears to have had success in bringing health and education to the people in the poor neighborhoods of Caracas. … It is not only important to have sustainable growth, but to ensure the best distribution of economic growth, for the benefit of all citizens.​
What should alarm Americans is that Stiglitz, who has been described as an “influential advisor to Hillary Clinton,” appears determined to bring similar policies here.

Last year, as chief economist for the Roosevelt Institute, Stiglitz called for “rewriting the rules of the American economy” in a crusade against income inequality. His policy recommendations include higher taxes, more “smarter” regulation, and having the Federal Reserve focus more on unemployment than keeping inflation low — a call for an even more activist Fed than we’ve had since 2008.

One could replace the name of Nicolas Maduro, with either Hillary or Bernie and the truth would be the same, they will live well as their policies kill the people who put them in office.

But you can be certain that the new socialist president, Nicolas Maduro and his cronies are still living well, even as the rest of the country starves. It is the way with socialism, everyone equal, everyone in poverty except for the chosen few at the top. The academics should get out of the classroom and look at Venezuela, at what they are preaching does to a country like Venezuela.

Source: Ron Paul Liberty Report








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