Hillary Clinton: Sean Spicer is Sexist, Bill O’Reilly is Racist

The continuing obsession of the left with finding a nefarious connection between anyone connected to President Trump and anyone connected with Vladimir Putin has gotten old. That doesn't stop a media hostile to President Trump from trying, it just makes itself a nuisance.

There are serious issues to be explored. And by the way, if one is looking for suspicious connections with Russia, it was Mr. Obama who got caught telling Dmitry Medvedev he would be able to be more flexible after the 2012 election. Wonder what that meant and how it played out?

Nevertheless, April Ryan of American Urban Radio Networks decided to bring up the Russian issue again in a press conference with Sean Spicer. They sparred over the issue as Mr. Spicer dismissed the questioning as no more than Ms. Ryan simply pursuing her agenda.

The media is what it is, and it's up to people like Spicer to deal with it since that's his job. However, that does not mean he cannot respond forcefully when he sees fit. And if that reporter happens to be a black woman, that does not make him a racist or a misogynist. It just means they have an adversarial relationship. He has similar negative relationships with others on the left who are neither women nor minorities. End of story.

Well, not quite. Ever the political opportunist, Hillary Clinton came out from sulking over her election loss in private to sulk in public. She seized on this exchange between April Ryan and Sean Spicer to play the victim card again. It's an old and tiresome refrain — that women and minorities are being discriminated against especially by conservatives. No, Hillary, they are not.

Yes, there are bigots and sexists out there. And yes, they come in all races and both sexes. Yes, true bigotry, racism, and sexism should be condemned. But just because a member of one sex makes an unpleasant remark to a member of the other sex does not make him or her a sexist. Get over it, Hillary. What you are doing is just too obvious.

And yes, there are also very corrupt politicians on the loose. And some of them are women who wear pantsuits.

If you are so concerned about equality, Mrs. Clinton, we'll stand with you as you demand a full, impartial, complete, and relentless investigation into all the allegations of corruption on the part of a former female secretary of state and her foundation as well as her male boss.

Men and women, minorities and caucasians, all treated alike. That's what you want, right?  And you would be pleased to participate in this pursuit of justice, right?

Here is Spicer's response:

Mr. Spicer told radio host Hugh Hewitt that he was “kind of astonished” by Mrs. Clinton’s criticism of his encounter during Tuesday’s press briefing with April Ryan, a reporter for American Urban Radio Networks.

“To suggest that somehow because of her gender or race that she be treated differently I think is frankly demeaning to her,” Mr. Spicer said of Ms. Ryan. “She’s a tough woman. April’s a tough reporter.”

Source: Washington Times



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