Hillary Clinton Releasing New Book Titled ‘What Happened’

Hillary Clinton Releasing New Book Titled ‘What Happened’

How do you make jokes about a murderous woman over half the world holds up as a shining beacon of strong femininity?  In other words, the writing prompt for this said “here is a funny one”. And I love my editor. He is very much right. Don’t get me wrong. We are just from different generations, different socializations.

Remember back in the old days when Norm Macdonald used to make fun of Hillary Clinton on SNL? For my generation this is shocking. First off all that SNL ever used to be funny, and secondly, they used to joke about the Clintons.

Take for example the one where Macdonald commented from the faux SNL news desk in the 90s on OJ Simpson supporting Bill for president and saying “he’d do anything he could to help”. This promoted Macdonald to quip Bill likely pointed him towards a picture of Hillary saying “yeah I can think of one thing”.

The SNL and really all media of our time is PC, it is forcing the agenda, telling us what to say, what to think, and more importantly what we can laugh at and what we can’t. And the only reason I even know this to be different is due to being such a chatterbox. I love learning about people, especially those with a different background, perspective, and generation. That is how I even know about Macdonald.

But, back to the main topic at hand that needs to be tackled. Making fun of Hillary Clinton. And if the title alone of her new book is any indication, “What Happened”, our job here is easy. We always knew this old gal was hiding something behind that cough. And it sure as hell wasn’t a gift for introspection. Let’s overthrow PC culture, the establishment, the Clinton Crime Network, and let’s start that by reading experts from Hillary Clinton’s very own book coming out in Sept. What will happen… More on the next page

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