Hillary Clinton: l Lost Because of “Fake” News

Hillary Clinton: l Lost Because of “Fake” News

For someone who was promoted during the election as the only adult in the room, Hillary Clinton has been acting like a spoilt brat throwing a tantrum because they didn't get their way.

Not helping is the fact that liberals and the mainstream media, instead of telling her to suck it up and move on, joined in on the pity party. We all remember the videos of Hillary voters bursting into tears as they watched the election results and realized that she would not be president: if this is how her supporters, who stood to gain nothing from her victory, reacted, imagine how much it must have killed her that she lost to a complete outsider like Donald Trump.

Attempting to cope with her massive loss, Hillary and her followers have endeavored to find who is responsible for it – because God forbid she be the one – and it seems she has finally decided on a culprit.

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