Hillary Clinton: l Lost Because of “Fake” News

After trying to lay blame for her devastating defeat at the feet of WikiLeaks, Russia, the alt-right, and disgruntled Bernie Sanders supporters, Hillary has settled on a new target: “fake news”. Accusing alternative news outlets of spreading false stories (i.e. news that reflects badly on her), the former Secretary of State seeks to limit the ability of journalists outside the establishment loop to report the truth to Americans:

“Some Democrats have argued the spread of anti-Clinton fake news online contributed to her electoral loss to Donald Trump.

The issue has received renewed attention this week after a gunman entered a pizzeria in Washington that was at the center of a false viral conspiracy theory that alleged it was home to a pedophilia ring operated by Clinton and her inner circle.

“This isn’t about politics or partisanship,” Clinton continued during her speech Thursday at a ceremony honoring retiring Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.).”

Source: The Hill



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