Hillary Clinton is Being Pressured to Run for Mayor of New York

If Hillary Clinton wants to lose one more race before she retires from public life, this might be her chance:

Hillary Clinton may not be done with politics after all. Some people reportedly want her to run for Mayor of New York.

New York City is holding a mayoral election this year, and if she chose to run, Clinton would be competing against a Democratic incumbent. Mayor Bill de Blasio is in the final year of his first four-year term. He also managed Clinton's 2000 Senate campaign, but has had a cooler relationship with her recently. De Blasio made headlines by waiting several months before endorsing her in the Democratic presidential primaries.

Pitting the perpetual loser, Hillary Clinton, against an incumbent Democrat mayor? What could go wrong?

Clinton should probably just put these rumors to rest now and spare herself the indignity of another humiliation.

Source: AOL



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