Hillary Clinton: ‘Imagine the Deaths if Stephen Paddock Used a Silencer’

Hillary Clinton wasted no time in offering her unsolicited opinion on the shooting in Las Vegas.

This is such a tragedy. We must put politics aside EXCEPT my political agenda which is to advocate for the annihilation of citizen’s second amendment rights.

Her use of the word “silencer” is leftist-speak for suppressor. It is intended to give the impression that suppressors completely mute a gun–the way they appear to do in Hollywood movies–thereby silencing the gunshot altogether.

Life isn’t like the movies.

In reality, suppressors do not eliminate the sound of a gunshot. Rather, they muffle that sharp, ear-piercing wave released from the end of the barrel when a gun is fired. The sound of the gunshot remains but the suppressor removes the aspect of the sound that damages the ear.

Clinton’s tweet on suppressors comes as Congress weighs the Hearing Protection Act. That act is designed to remove the cumbersome requirements now governing suppressor sales so that law-abiding citizens can acquire them for hearing protection without bring fingerprinted, photographed, and paying a special tax to the federal government.

Clinton outright blamed the NRA for the worst mass shooting to date in American history. But, does she understand gun laws any better than she does gun suppressors? No.

The shooter had to have used at LEAST a semi-automatic if not full-automatic in order to generate such rapid fire. Guess what happens when gun suppressors are attached to semi or fully automatic weapons? Watch the video below.

The shooter would’ve most likely been unable to legally acquire the weaponry to begin with. People are NOT able to just walk over to their local gun store and buy full-automatic weaponry.

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Source: Breitbart





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