Hillary Clinton: Cops are Racist, Must be ‘Retrained’

Hillary Clinton: Cops are Racist, Must be ‘Retrained’

Hillary Clinton just can’t get enough of criticizing our nations’ police. The “systematic racism” she claims runs rampant in the law enforcement community — for which she has no proof — is one of her go-to applause lines on the stump, and now she’s going even further.

Dissatisfied with simply criticizing the jobs our nation’s cops to do keep us safe, now Hillary is claiming the we have to retrain our officers in order to better conform to her liberal ideologies.

According to Hillary, law enforcement’s long-crafted method of seeking out and putting an end to crime simply won’t do in a Clinton administration. Instead of the goals-based methods currently used by the police, she wants to implement more politically correct policies — policies that will likely play well in the media while making our nation’s streets less safe.

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