Hillary Calls Heckler “Rude” for Asking About Bill’s Past Sexual Assault

It seems Hillary would rather defer these questions than answer them. It's a typical politician move, but it only strengthens the suspicions of the incident, and further deepens the image of hypocrisy Hillary has gained for her reputation on women's rights.

Those waiting for Hillary to speak up on husband Bill's alleged sexual assault history may have to wait a bit longer, or be skewered by the presidential hopeful in the process, as State Representative Katherine Prudhomme O'Brien did at a recent town hall.

Hillary Clinton to Heckler Mentioning Juanita Broaddrick: ‘You Are Very Rude,’ ‘I’m Not Ever Gonna Call on You’

Hillary Clinton dismissed a heckler Sunday during a town hall in Derry, New Hampshire, calling the woman “very rude” and promising never to answer her questions–which concerned Juanita Broaddrick and her allegations of sexual assault from Clinton’s husband Bill.

“Clinton stands up to heckler (in blue): “You are very rude, and I'm *not* going to ever call on you.” [email protected]

The last tweet on the incident, and many more calling O'Brien a “heckler” came from a woman working for ABC. Its no wonder she get the dismissive title, as the mainstream media has made their affection for Mrs. Clinton no secret.

Source: Breitbart



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