Hillary Breaks New York Election Law

Hillary must have failed in civics class as the rules for polling places were clearly taught.  As an establishment, career politician who has been either campaigning for herself or for Bill, she should know that campaigning near a polling place within 100 feet is illegal.  Most likely however, she will pull a play from Bill's book of lies and claim ignorance, which in this place is pure fiction.

NY Election Law on electioneering: While the polls are open no person shall do any electioneering within the polling place, or in any public street, within a one hundred foot radial measured from the entrances designated by the inspectors of election, to such polling place or within such distance in any place in a public manner; and no political banner, button, poster or placard shall be allowed in or upon the polling place or within such one hundred foot radial. (N.Y. Election Law § 8-104(1))



After his 8 years in office, Bill Clinton continues to break the law in service of his and his wife’s political ambitions, which immediately was met with a petition for his arrest.   The claim arises from Bill holding a rally for his wife’s campaign just outside a Massachusetts polling station, activity that he as a former president should know is expressly prohibited by law. Yet, photos and video show him trying to sway voters Hillary’s way only feet outside the station.

Just like he did when he was in the White House, Clinton is playing dumb and refusing to comment on the serious allegations leveled against him. Instead, he is passing the buck onto the Massachusetts Secretary of State, who in turn passed it on to one of their spokesmen.


Source: The American Mirror



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