Hillary Booed and Called “Fascist” as She Arrives in Wales for Honorary Doctorate

Hillary Rodham Clinton may not know how to win a presidential election and she may not know how to not talk like a robotic politician.  But one thing she does know (aside from gallon jugs of Chardonnay) is that she is not well-liked in Wales, especially after jet-setting there with an adoring Fake News ensemble in tow to photograph and video her every move and to ask her insightful questions like, “Do you ever think about what the world would be like if you and Bill could rule together?”

Getting out of her limo at the Swansea University where she was to receive an honorary doctorate (aka, crap award about as impressive and meaningful as Obama's Nobel Peace Prize) she was greeted with a mixture of boos, jeers and overall good cheer from the Welsh crowd.  After waving perfunctorily in their direction, and smiling as they flipped her off and called her “fascist!” she turned and ducked inside the calming and secure university commons to be bedecked in a faux-queen's robe and a tin crown and whisked off to the lectern where she was to give a damning condemnation of the Brexit supporters and console those children of the university present at the very long and drawn-out speech for their having to endure such a terrible result in a free-and-fair election.  And she wasn't even talking about her own failures yet!

During her acceptance speech, she claimed children were being “disadvantaged” by Brexit, and the democratic vote to leave the political bloc was the source of “bullying” in British schools.

‘Teachers and schools are reporting an outbreak of bullying and racially motivated insults,” the former first lady said.

“Here in the UK, divisive rhetoric and policy shifts are having their own effects.”

Using her honorary degree to claim to speak for the rights of all children around the world, she continued: “Right now, the residency rights of half a million children, including many who were born in the UK, are hanging in the balance.

“So there are reports of children being worried, feeling uncertain, even unsafe. Trying to make sense of their places in the world.”

Saying that she continues to “believe in the value of the European Union”, she added:

“What’s missing in both of our countries at the moment it seems to me, and what we need more than anything else, is empathy.

The failed presidential candidate twice in one week blamed Brexit leader Nigel Farage for the Donald Trump presidential victory, provoking the former UKIP leader, who suggested Clinton rename her book “The Great Big Whinge“, to tell his LBC radio listeners Saturday: “I don’t think Hillary Clinton has much relevance. We should no more listen to Hillary Clinton than we listened to Barack Obama during the referendum campaign telling us not to vote for Brexit.”

Addressing the former U.S. secretary of state directly, Farage said: “Hillary you lost. Move on. The war is over for you.”

What an amazing path to failure.  She is a first lady of the governor.  Then a first lady of the president.  She moves on to senator and gets a free pass of not legislating or even being present for so many years.  She then loses the presidency once, then twice and finally a recount effort and an Electoral College delegate plea to make her president, which failed.  In between, she was an inadequate, scandal-ridden secretary of state.

Now, she's receiving honorary degrees and colleges are naming their schools after her.  Without even writing a single piece of legislation or a law of any substance that helps the children.

Liberal hypocrisy at its worst.

Source:  Breitbart



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