Hillary Becomes Disoriented During Campaign Rally

Hillary Becomes Disoriented During Campaign Rally

As more Hillary campaign trail videos surface, evidence mounts showing that she is suffering from some serious health issue.

In the midst of a speech, while talking about healthcare, Hillary stops, dazed and unable to complete her thought.  There is a slight wobble in her head and a disorientation as she attempts to gain composure.

Sources who have served as security detail at Hillary events shared their observations concerning Hillary’s health.

“Strong source just told me something I suspected. Hillary’s debate ‘bathroom break’ wasn’t that, but flare up of problems from brain injury,” wrote John Cardillo on Twitter.

Cardillo, who previously worked as an officer who provided VIP security details for the New York Police Department (NYPD), told Breitbart News that he knows of two additional sources who have commented about Clinton’s health problems, which have even impacted her ability to walk to her car after delivering a speech.

One of the men told him that Clinton was “very pale, kind of disoriented. He said she looked like she was about to faint. She was very pale, almost sweaty.”

Check out the video on the next page and observe for yourself the disconnect and confusion Hillary experiences mid-sentence.

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