Hillary Allegedly Running for Mayor of NYC

Hillary Allegedly Running for Mayor of NYC

Hillary Clinton is one of those people who, the less we hear of the better. During the presidential election the left was so sure that she was going to win that they didn’t technically view Trump as a threat to her. Then election night approached and she got steam rolled. Afterwards, she was conspicuously absent from the public eye. Besides leaked photographs and video of her drunken rage after hearing about her defeat, we didn’t really know what happened to her. Perhaps she felt humiliated, and she should have.

Now, however, she’s suddenly reemerged, riding the Trump hate train into whatever station where she still has credibility. Then, during a small gathering with some politically connected individuals in New York City, who are currently unnamed, she reappeared and is allegedly deciding to run for office again, though, not the one she wanted.

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