Hillary Accuses Mother of Benghazi Victim of Having Bad Memory

Hillary Accuses Mother of Benghazi Victim of Having Bad Memory

Khizr Kahn, father of a U.S. soldier killed in Iraq, spoke at the Democrat national convention. He said Donald Trump knows nothing of sacrifice and would have prevented his son from being in the United States. Somehow, with a direct attack on national television, Trump was supposed to keep quiet because Kahn and his wife are a “gold star” family, meaning they have lost a son or daughter in combat. Instead, Trump spoke his mind, as he often does, and the main stream media and the Democrat party went crazy! He wondered why the wife was silent, suggesting that in the Islamic culture the women are subservient, which in fact is true. He also said that he has created thousands of jobs for ordinary citizens, which seems like a worthy accomplishment. But this was seen as incredibly disrespectful and many are suggesting that it will destroy Trumps campaign.

This leads to an interesting comparison, which the main stream media is absolutely ignoring. When the bodies of the individuals who were killed in Benghazi were flown back to the United States, Hillary Clinton met them at the airport in a show of sympathy and support. She told them that the murders were incited by an obscure internet video, and assured them that the producer of the video would be prosecuted. So far, so good.

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