Hillary Accuses Mother of Benghazi Victim of Having Bad Memory

But the emails on her illegal server told a different story when they came out. In those it was discovered that Clinton knew well before she met with the families that the murders were committed by a well planned Islamic terrorist group that was well-armed and determined to kill those in the compound. Clinton lied to promote a political charade to help Obama in his presidential campaign since he had said that the terrorists were on the run and well under control. This was not true, so Clinton told these grieving families completely made up story to support Barack in his narrative.

Clinton lied and was ultimately caught lying to these “gold star” families. The families all told the same story and the same message that Clinton gave them. That is cold and unacceptable. The mother of one of the soldiers who was killed spoke in the Republican convention and said how angry she was about Clinton lying to her. And Hillary's response was even more outrageous. She said that they all must have had some form of amnesia due to their emotional state, because, she now claims, she did NOT tell them their sons died as the result of an internet film.

The question is, why is the media and the Democrat party not up in arms about this much more outrageous disrespect and mistreatment of the families of American veterans? Why is she not disqualified for this disgusting lie?

Clinton is so over the top with her lies and dishonesty that she should not be trusted with the keys to her own house. This is what the Democrat party deems a good candidate for the Oval Office. If she wins, they better hide the silver and keep a lie detector next to her desk, because it is doubtful she is even able to distinguish between truth and political expediency.




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