Hilarious MSNBC Portrayal of ‘Trump As A Racist’ Fail

Hilarious MSNBC Portrayal of ‘Trump As A Racist’ Fail

David Duke was trotted out to make Trump look bad becasue he encouraged people to vote for Donald Trump.

David Duke also likes white bread. So if you eat a sub with white bread, you are a racist and a David Duke wingman.

In fact, David Duke is only relevant because he has left wing stalkers furiously trying to prop him up, get a quote out of him on something current and then they have a tantrum over it.

He is the left wing's most desperate straw-man act today.

If the left can't play the race card, than 70% of their press would not exist.

Don't like President Obama's policies? You're racist.

Don't believe in a color coded quota system for employment? You're racist.

Don't support slave reparations? You're racist.

Want to have secure borders? You're racist.

Please see the next page for the biggest race baiting fail ever.

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