Hilarious MSNBC Portrayal of ‘Trump As A Racist’ Fail

On MSNBC they ran a segment attempting to make Trump supporters appear racist.

Unfortunately for the race baiters at MSNBC, they found a black man supporting Donald Trump who slapped down the very talking points MSNBC was launching their segment on.

Immediately the MSNBC host tries to disqualify the black Trump supporters words becasue her gotcha segment was ruined.

You can see after the gentleman spoke about throwing away the race card that the MSNBC hostess was so downcast and disappointed that she explained away the Trump supporters existence.

She says “One of our reporters… and I don't want to quote the wrong reporter here…” That tells me she saw one of he reporters had a minority interview at the Trump event and she didn't want that one to air. Well, she got the “wrong” reporter and her face after that clip gave away the scheme.




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