High School Sends Two Teens to Jail for Saggy Pants

A dress code violation in high school could land a student in jail at Bolivar Central High in Tennessee.  Low slung, baggy seat and baggy leg or bell bottoms are not appropriate apparel at school and two students will now face jail time because of their clothing choice.

The seniors had been warned about their dress code violations before, but they continued to defy the school's authority.  Now they will spend 48-hours in the Hardeman County Jail.

“Because the environment is already bad. And it ain't going to get any better if the older kids don't try to show the younger kids anything,” said Willie Hoyle about the older students.

According to court documents, the high school resource officer already reprimanded the students several times for wearing saggy pants in violation of the school dress code which stated “low slung, baggy seat, baggy legged or bell bottom pants are not permitted.”

The School Board and the Sheriff will not say exactly how breaking dress code became a court case with two teenagers now sentenced to jail time.

People WREG talked to said there should be a better way of sending a message.

“Maybe we have them do some community service, pick up some trash, help at the dog kennels, things like that,” said Sharon Till. “I think putting them in jail is just a little bit much.”

“Kids, keep you pants up at school. But if you're out here and you buy your own clothes, then you wear them the way you want to wear them.” said another.

Does the crime fit the punishment? Should these teens be considered ‘collateral damage' in addressing the ‘saggy pants epidemic'?

Source: WREG




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