High School Denies Army Officer Entry Because Uniform Is ‘Offensive’

High School Denies Army Officer Entry Because Uniform Is ‘Offensive’

We have reached a point in this nation’s history where our own military personnel are treated with contempt. A 24-year member of our armed forces was recently denied access to his daughters school because his uniform could be ‘offensive’.

Yes, this is still America, but anti-American sentiment is running through this country in ways nobody would have forseen a few years ago.

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High School Denies Military Officer Entrance Because Uniform is Offensive

Lieutenant Colonel Sherwood Baker was trying to help his daughter find her way around her new high school when he was told by a security guard and 3 other staff members that he had to leave because his Army uniform could ‘offend another student’.

Sherwood has served his country for 24 years, but couldn’t enter a high school.

Rochester Adams High School superintendent and veteran, Robert Shaner, handled the situation, apologizing to the family.

If Shaner hadn’t been a veteran, who knows if the Lieutenant Colonel would have been allowed to enter his daughter’s school seeing how anti-American sentiment is being created across this country at an alarming rate.

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