Hedge Fund Donations Total $123 Million for Hillary Clinton, Only $19 Thousand for Trump

According to statistics released by The Wall Street Journal, the money given to Hillary Clinton by the hedge fund sector is more twice the amount they gave in 2012, and makes up almost 14% of the money donated to her campaign so far.

The review of Clinton’s donors shows that her top five donors are owners or employees of investment firms, and seven such firms have contributed up to $48.5 million to her.

This sector of political donors have given to Republicans, but the Journal also points out that hedge funders who have given to Republican candidates have picked candidates who opposed Mr. Trump.

The massive donations to Team Hillary are in stark contrast to Clinton’s oft proclaimed desire to put an end to these types of political donations.

During her Thursday acceptance speech at the Democratic National Convention, for instance, Clinton again pledged to appoint Supreme Court justices “who will get money out of politics.” If necessary, she said, “we’ll pass a constitutional amendment to overturn Citizens United!”

In case you’ve forgotten the case of Citizens United, the Supreme Court ruled in 2012 that people and corporations could make political donations to whomever they pleased. This would explain why so many health insurance companies donated so heavily to President Obama in the months leading up to Obamacare. And we’ve all seen how that’s working out. So let’s hope that Hillary’s boat sinks before we end up with another disaster on our hands.

Source: breitbart.com




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