Hacker Posts Information On 10,000 DHS Employees, Then Threatens FBI

What's interesting about the DHS hacking is that the perpetrator is claiming responsibility for it. If it were foreign intelligence trying to collect info on government employees, it is very unlikely they would publicize their exploits. According to the hacker's Twitter account, however, they have a very clear agenda that they seek to advance by hoarding this data.

“Tweets from the @DotGovs account suggest that the hack was motivated by support for Palestine.

‘When will the US government realize we won't stop until they cut relations with Israel,' the account tweeted on Sunday.

‘Be sure to tweet #FreePalestine to bring awareness to all the kids dying by Israeli bombs that the US government funds!' it tweeted earlier that day.

Some of the tweets suggest that there is more than one person manning the account.

Another group of hackers, known as Crackas with Attitude, have recently broken into the personal email accounts of several high-ranking law enforcement and intelligence officials to demonstrate support for Palestine.

In the last six months, the teenaged hackers have infiltrated personal accounts belonging to CIA Director John Brennan, Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, Secretary of Homeland Security Jeh Johnson and FBI Deputy Director Mark Giuliano. Most recently, they targeted President Obama’s senior advisor on science and technology, John Holdren.

The group portrayed themselves in an interview with The New York Post late last year as being motivated by opposition to U.S. foreign policy and support for Palestine.

In a series of tweets in November, the group’s leader, Cracka, posted graphic images of violence apparently taken in Israel.

‘[D]o you understand what i was fighting for now?' he tweeted.”

Source: The Hill



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