Group Fights For Human Rights and Peace, Gets Sued For Committing ‘Terrorism’

The Kurdistan Worker's party or PKK represents the repressed Kurdish minority in Turkey and has been engaged in armed resistance against the Turkish government for years. What earned them the title of terrorist organization is unknown.

Not only is the list totally arbitrary, it’s also based on sheer hypocrisy, considering that the U.S. government itself has long been a leading sponsor of terrorism — from its decades-long campaign to unleash “the terrors of the earth” against Cuba (Operation Mongoose), to its support of  Augusto Pinochet’s neo-Nazi terrorism throughout Latin America (Operation Condor), to its close alliances with terror-funding governments like Saudi Arabia (the primary backer of ISIS), to the Obama administration’s current international terrorist campaign of drone assassinations.

Citing the infamous Patriot Act, which prohibits Americans from associating with groups on the terrorist list, the Obama administration went after the Humanitarian Law Project for merely talking to the PKK. The case ultimately went to the Supreme Court.

David Cole, a professor at the Georgetown University Law Center, in describing the Supreme Court’s decision, said:

“According to today’s Supreme Court decision, advocating for human rights and peace can be prosecuted as a ‘terrorist’ crime, punishable by 15 years in prison. Under this ruling, President Jimmy Carter, in monitoring an election in Lebanon, would be providing ‘material support’ to Hezbollah. It does not matter that the speaker intends to support only nonviolent activity, and indeed seeks to discourage a resort to violence. It does not matter if the speech in fact convinces its listeners to abandon violence. For the first time ever, the Supreme Court has ruled that the First Amendment permits the criminalization of pure speech advocating lawful, nonviolent activity.“

It's odd that a repressed Kurdish minority that most people have never heard of can be considered a terrorist organization, yet, the Muslim Brotherhood and Black Lives Matter are not only not considered to be non-violent groups, but they're actually encouraged by the the Obama Administration.

In either case, it would seem that doing your part to prevent terrorism is seen as an act of terrorism. That's somewhat backwards.





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